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Local fishers oppose $2.7 billion deal opening Madagascar to Chinese fishing

A little-known Malagasy association signed the deal, which has not been made public, with a Chinese group that plans to send 330 vessels into Madagascar’s waters.

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Shrimp magnates moved millions among offshore tax-haven shell companies

This Panama Papers investigation reveals offshore payments by a seafood company that works in Madagascar’s waters, raising the possibility of lost taxes for one of the world’s poorest countries.

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La crevette, cet « or rose » dont Madagascar ne voit pas la couleur

Les Ismail père et fils, “rois des gambas” dans la Grande Ile, ont recours à des circuits financiers offshore pour les milllions de dollars tires de l’exportations des crustacés.

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Will Madagascar’s industrial shrimp trawlers make way for local fishers?

The trawlers are harming Madagascar’s marine environment, but until now, relatively little has been done to address the issue.

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France unwelcoming to migrants in the Indian Ocean

Thousands have died trying to reach the island of Mayotte, a French territory. Those that make it are forced to live precariously.

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Madagascar’s forgotten workers

Union-busting at the country’s main port leaves workers struggling for their rights.

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Inside a modern-day plague outbreak

Controlling the epidemic in Madagascar means addressing the stigma around the disease.

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Malagasy activists face intimidation and imprisonment

A farmer in southeast Madagascar wound up in jail after questioning the legality of a mining project in his village. A series of Malagasy activists have faced intimidation and imprisonment in recent years.

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Rare earths mine threatens protected forest, lemurs, and farmers

Amid the native forests of northwest Madagascar, local people are trying to stop a rare earths project from moving forward.

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Troubled firm aims to mine Madagascar forest for rare earth elements

Singapore-based ISR Capital is under investigation for financial misconduct related to its acquisition of a rare earth mining project in northwestern Madagascar. The project faces stiff local opposition due to its potential impact on the area’s people and wildlife.

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Madagascar forest overwhelmed by thousands seeking sapphires

A once-in-a-generation gemstone rush threatens a protected area in eastern Madagascar.

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David Bazan spreads the word

The Seattle-based songwriter wanted to be a pastor, but he now bears witness from the outside.

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The Malagasy Underground

New York’s rarest immigrants finally have a place to jam.

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An invasive toad settles in Madagascar, and a mining company may be to blame

Conservationists seek to eradicate the deadly Asian invader, but finding funds to do so is proving difficult.

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Too much air time

Efforts to curb aviation emissions remain stuck on the runway, grounded by social norms.

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