Edward Carver

How privilege distorts perceptions of the politically possible

The Democratic primary was not a case of ‘centrists’ v. ‘socialists’. In fixating on ideology, the media obscured class disparities and failed to acknowledge the electoral strength of the disadvantaged — including, in an era haunted by climate change, the young.

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State-sponsored empire building

“Big philanthropy is one of the most unaccountable forms of power in a democratic society,” says Stanford political scientist Rob Reich. A discussion about philanthropy, democracy and Michael Bloomberg.

Read the full story in the Los Angeles Review of Books

Is NGO-led conservation too conservative to conserve much?

Why are international conservation NGOs so quiet about foreign resource extraction in the Global South? A case study from Madagascar.

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Shrimp magnates moved millions among offshore tax-haven shell companies

A seafood company that works in Madagascar’s waters channeled money through offshore accounts, raising the possibility of lost taxes for one of the world’s poorest countries. A Panama Papers investigation.

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The race to save rosewood starts in the lab

Emerging wood identification techniques could slow down timber trafficking.

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From African forest to Chinese foyer

Used for traditional furniture in China, rosewood is the world’s most trafficked form of wildlife. What will it take to stop the illegal trade? A cross-continental investigation.

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La crevette, cet « or rose » dont Madagascar ne voit pas la couleur

Les Ismail père et fils, “rois des gambas” dans la Grande Ile, ont recours à des circuits financiers offshore pour les milllions de dollars tires de l’exportations des crustacés.

Lire l’histoire complète dans Le Monde

France unwelcoming to migrants in the Indian Ocean

Thousands have died trying to reach the island of Mayotte, a French territory. Those that make it are forced to live precariously.

Read the full story in The New Humanitarian

Madagascar’s forgotten workers

Union-busting at the country’s main port leaves workers struggling for their rights.

Read the full story in The Guardian

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